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May 4, 2008

Politicians in India

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Remo speaks on national television (Times Now), about politicians of not just Goa but every politicians in India, that the “Politicians are not administrators, they are thieves, they join politics to make money, they have no respect for law and order, they do not even abide by what the Supreme Court orders. Law and police are in their pockets, there is no solution to their greed but to just shoot them down like mad dogs. But I can’t do that, I am not a criminal, I would probably just be out of this place someday.” [Some interruptions from the anchor here and then Remo continues] “You know, when I talk like this you people think I am just being cynical and pessimist, but am only being a realistic. We are also partly to be blamed because we think everything would be alright tomorrow. The reality is, that nothing is gonna be alright. Once we accept how bad things are only then would we be able to do something about it.” http://sanjukta.wordpress.com/2008/01/17/opinionated/

Note it is not unrelated that major communications firms such as Bell Sympatico, Microsoft, Dell have outsourced their call centers to India, and many north American customers are undeniably appalled now next by the poor treatment they get, the pretence of decent customer services and their lies too from there. It seems too many of their managers too have never even heard of the ten commandments for a start.”.


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