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April 29, 2008

Politicians, Political Parties

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To simplify life many of us like to  put labels on Canada’s political parties now as well, labels such as left wingers, right wingers, Conservatives, Liberals too. But in reality are they now really any different? Especially  when we seem to still to believe that mostly all politicians are the same, from any party now too, mostly the lawyers too, for they are all crooked, self serving, big liars now too? The root problems is we the citizens keep on electing mostly still the biggest liars. So in fairness next what about a valid in place system of recalling our liars out of office after a six month trial period like they have in California USA?
A new poll suggests most Canadians believe the federal Conservatives spent more money than they were legally allowed during the last election. Elections Canada ruled the Tory party tried to circumvent the rules by giving over $1 million to 67 candidate campaigns, and immediately taking it back as expenses for local advertising. “And the Conservatives sued Elections Canada for more than $700,000 the party claims it is owed, effectively turning up the heat to full boil, between the government and the federal agency turning it now to full public visibility, examination” Dumb move.
“Legal fights in public are rarely flattering to either side, something the Harper strategists should have considered before they unleashed their legal beagles, particularly on a federal agency with public credibility on its side over an issue that is suspect at best.Even if the courts eventually determine that what the Conservatives did during the last election was not technically within the letter of the law, it is doubtful the scheme would pass the sniff test with most ordinary Canadians. “
“The controversy that has engulfed the Conservatives over election financing hanky-panky has been vintage Stephen Harper damage control with gasoline and matches. Until a few weeks ago, it is likely the vast majority of Canadians had either never heard of the offending ‘in and out scheme,’ Until the Tories tried to obstruct Justice by putting their spin on it making many people wondering why? and now next  taking a real deep look at the Tories bad acts.
(Angus Reid Global Monitor) – Many adults in Canada believe the governing party has been hurt by an ongoing rift with the country’s non-partisan electoral agency, according to a poll by Angus Reid Strategies released by the Toronto Star. 58 per cent of respondents believe the dispute between Elections Canada and the Conservatives has damaged the party’s credibility.

“The time for accountability has arrived.” That’s the very first sentence from Stephen Harper in the 2006 federal Conservative election platform.  In the first year in Tory mandate, Canadians saw Prime Minister Harper roll out the Federal Accountability Act,  a symbol of how a Harper government would conduct itself differently.  Yet today  the perceptions Canadians have of all Conservative as well politicians and politics  “they’re all the same” —  for many Canadians when they describe those we elect to represent us all. In the eyes of many Canadians  Stephen Harper and his  Conservatives resemble the past big bad Liberals they had hoped, had sought to replace indefinitely  and the same Conservatives today, are a tittering and tattering bunch like never before,  the rag tattered scared   bunch   even running for their lives, desperately tying by any means, lies, spins,  trying to hang onto their political careers. And the flack from Tories “in-and-out scheme” and their subsequent  downfall from grace basically  has just started and is certainly not  over. The federal Tories by their own bad acts here   they also have made now today more popular and reenergized the BQ in Quebec now too. The same Conservatives in Ottawa  who had hoped to win reelection by winning in Quebec are losing it there now as well. Next the Tories what are going to try to sue everyone in Canada too?




  1. Oh my!

    Canada was the sane hope for the hemisphere. It seems USA like influence pandering and political malpractice are quite similar in the two nations.

    I am part French Canadian, yet live on the Mexico line. Thanks for dropping by my blog.


    Comment by benafia — April 30, 2008 @ 9:27 pm

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