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June 4, 2013

Live peaceably with all men



possibleRomans 12:18 If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

Romans 15:33 Now the God of peace be with you all. Amen.

Hebrews 12:14 Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

The Christian Zionists  are those who  are  the professing Christian Jewish Lovers, persons who clearly even deny the Gospel and the name of Jesus Christ by their false and “absolute and unconditional support” of all Jewish actions, behaviors, in their still false belief that the tribe of Judah is still Gods chosen people among all humanity, even over the Christians, the church of Jesus Christ.

“It’s a strange thing that Southern Baptists have such a ‘great love for the Jewish people.’ And stranger still that Baptist preacher John Hagee can whip up more love for Jews than he can for Jesus “  Brother Nathanael

 Christian Zionism is a bad cult movement in that its absolute and unconditional idolatry of all of “the Jews” and it falsely does not offer an excuse for its racism and discrimination among people of the world as it’s sole focus of life is to aid the Jews only, and is not supported by the New Testament. You falsely do see  no protest from any of them when Israeli’s openly kill innocent Palestinians, Arabs,   or  Christians. “Christian Zionism is a theology that supports a political regime based on apartheid and discrimination – yet millions of people in the US express their support for it” Stephen Sizer

“Only one nation, Israel, stands between … terrorist aggression and the complete decline of the United States as a democratic world power… If Israel falls, the United States can no longer remain a democracy. …Arab money is being used to control and influence major U.S. Corporations, making it economically more and more difficult for the United States to stand against world terrorism.” Mike Evans ,  ‘Israel – America’s Key to Survival’

”It must be emphasized at the outset that Christian Zionism is viewed by Middle Eastern churches as a new heresy and dangerous intrusion into the life of the people of the region. In fact, it supports political agendas which often thwart efforts of unity, justice and peace and undermines their witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the region.”  Also for thousands of years the established, traditional Christian Churches rightfully has not preacher, or supported Christian Zionism.. Nor has the New testament or the Apostles as well.

The majority of American Christian Zionists reside in the Southern United States. The majority of these Christian Zionists are at or below poverty level and uneducated in public schools and the higher educational interests of religion and are generally totally Bible ignorant, do not keno Jesus Christ personally, or the New Testament, God or the Holy Spirit still. Always at the top of the list as enemies of these “Judeo/Christians” in their hatred, death cult movement are the Arabs and Islamic peoples still.

You will often hear their hatefully remark of “the Palestinians should go live with the Arabs because God gave the land of Israel to the Jews forever”. Nothing could be farther from the truth but to investigate the truth of tribal possession is flatly snubbed by the Christian Zionists in their zeal to empower the Jews, Ungodly  false wars against the Palestinians and Arabs.

The Christian Zionists are and have been taught  to hate all those  whom the Jews hate and to help to kill who the Jews want killed.  In this false Zionistic  zeal  its can be seen how too willingly the Christian Zionists are in their readiness to help now physically kill all Arabs and Muslim people and anyone else who stands in Israel’s false attempt to reconquering now all of the promise land, to falsely rebuild the temple in Jerusalem as well. Even the Messianic Jews tend to falsely go along with this and their false aim also is  aim  to conform itself to the body of Judaism so much so that the Christian Zionist movement will become a totally acceptable form of Judaism. Their false   completeness of God is seen as the combination of “Judeo/Christian”.

The Christian Zionist Movement  today is also clearly more concerned with himself being accepted and approved by the hexarchy of Jewish traditionalists over that of Jesus Christ. Will the Christian Zionists be accepted by the hexarchy of Judaism? Never.  Can a Christian be an accepted Jew? Never.

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