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December 23, 2008

What Does the Bible Say About Heaven?

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 Read the Bible for yourself and find out, and don’t believe what others tell you it says.

There are many definitions of Heaven.. the one I  like the best .. Heaven is being eternally present with God.. and some people are in Heaven now and they next will continue in this state  when they die. Hell is being eternally separated from God.. and yes many people are in Hell now and will next continue to Hell. 
Here is a definition of Hell I chuckle at.. Hell is being unemployed in Heaven.
Now the Dispensationalists do teach and believe that Christians will go to Heaven and Jews to the new earth.. do thus see my many detailed views on dispensationalists who I  believe are from the pits of Hell.
Now why would God want to dwell on earth when he has all of Heaven for me and him to live in? Pastors too should stay with what the Bible actually says.
Jesus after his death went to Hell and took all of the Old Testament believers to Heaven to be with him.. and there is no more intermeidate place, purgatory.. for absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.. for it is appointed from man to die once, and after that there next is an immediate judgment.
There is so much talk, rather it seems boasting by some people that they have all the Bible  answers, that they have all the truth, even about Heaven, Hell, and how to get there.
Too often I discover even preachers playing on the  words found in the Bible and they are  not really being led by the Holy spirit. No matter who the preacher is it still generally tends be true that he too still has some false doctrines.. so I prefer to talk to God directly and let him God  directly teach me, and it will not contradict the Bible.
Sadly many evangelical Christians even really do not know God personally, for  they only know off him, and that from a far, they have not even  learned to hear his voice. Do see  http://pbulow.tripod.com/  on how to do this.
Some people do even say that Heaven was, is  the garden of Eden where Adam and Eve dwelt and that it will be restored here on earth.
To truly know the answers you have to seek God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and let them teach you. The Bible does not say that when the Greek will come it will  come and lead you into all truth, or when the pastor comes,  or when you go to school, University  as well.. But it says when when the Holy Spirit will come he will teach you all of the truth rather. Do you let him do this now?

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