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October 11, 2008

Alberta’s crooked cops, RCMP included

  For more police cartoons, political cartoons do see http://picasaweb.google.com/anonconformer/Thenonconformer#
A blatant false  tax on the motorist – Speeding tickets.. http://thenonconformer.wordpress.com/2008/09/16/call-it-what-you-want-but-it-is-not-about-safety/
for the Majority of cars are safer and  can take higher speeds safely over a deacde ago
I now live all the way  in the Quebec  but lately I have often seen searches done on my site about what can a person  do about bad cops and their false speeding, revenue generating tickets in Edmonton, and in Alberta.. what??   write to the politicians and news editors firstly, tell them why it is perverse for  decades now in Alberta this has been a false police empire build scheme, police job preservation program..  
 More crap from the Alberta Police too.. Since January 2O08, RCMP and provincial sheriffs have issued more than 2,000 speeding tickets to people driving on Highway 63, including 363 tickets over the weekend. Political and labour leaders have been lobbying the Alberta government for years to twin the highway between Edmonton and the Fort McMurray area. While some work is underway, most of the money is being spent on highway work north of the oilsands capital. Bellows said the entire highway would be safe if motorists just obeyed the speed limit. “We are frustrated,” he said. “Just slow down and relax. You will get there safe.”  Meanwhile, leadfoot drivers are also a problem on highways through Banff National Park.  RCMP report that officers issued 115 speeding tickets over the weekend between Lake Louise and the Jasper National Park Boundary. In some cases drivers along Highway 93 were clocked going more than 60 km over the posted speed limit. ( Revenue generating ) Speed limits in the mountain parks are set with an eye toward preventing collisions with wildlife. ( and how often does that occur?) RCMP in the Peace River area said even when police warn motorists about speed traps some drivers continue to drive faster than the posted limit. ..
RCMP like to give speed tickets when you are leaving the park, not entering it too.. and I got 2 speeding tickets on the same spot in Canmore ten years apart too… and the second time I went to court and rightfully fought the dirty RCMP too.  
In reality the too often self serving, money hungry, promotional and empire oriented police, and their superiors, bad justice ministers, bad politicians  really do not care about the citizens good welfare but only their own..
 Honking, fist-shaking, screaming, obnoxious drivers: the symptoms of road rage.    Insurance Corporation of British Columbia  Psychologist John Vavrik, who studies driving behaviour for ICBC, says road rage can be better understood as “aggressive driving spectrum disorder.” According to Vavrik, road rage can take many forms.  “There’s not a clean definition of it. It’s basically an aggressive act aimed at hurting somebody or sending a message to somebody,” Vavrik said.  “The people most at risk of engaging in these behaviours are the least likely to control their behaviour,” he said. “They have low emotional intelligence. They don’t have the tools or skills or strategy to manage their emotions.  “In those extreme cases, we’re talking about sociopathic issues. The driver’s a walking time bomb.”  According to Vavrik, “road-ragers” are generally underachievers, individuals who lack assertiveness and control, and do not have the status in life they desire.  He said the “depersonalized space” of a vehicle is a trigger to road rage, as is an unexpected traffic delay, such as that caused by a slow driver, or being stuck behind an idle bus.
UK  ” official statistics showed that only five per cent of crashes are caused by drivers breaking the speed limit. Drivers who let their attention wander cause more than six times as many accidents.” Driver error accounted for 66 per cent of accidents.. and add the road rage, impaired, drunk drivers, bad poorly maintained vehicles to that too .. Most reasonable and reasoning people have seen the folly of speed cameras for decades now too. 
Now I have said it for over 3 decades in wrting to all too so Call it what you want but it is not about public safety, for it is  a self employment, empire  building, false money grab, revenue generation, hidden taxes.. for if  the cops, the mad RCMP  were now really worried about public safety THEY WOULD FIRSTLY ARREST THEIR OWN KIND, THE BAD COPS WHO OFTEN DRIVE HOME DRUNK AFTER WORK, COMING HOME FROM THE POLICE TAVERN, and they would ALSO go after the people who drive reckless, fail to stop at the stop signs, traffic stop lights, and the impaired drunken drivers, the unsafe cars whose brakes are squealing cause they need to be repaired.. etc.,,
Conservative controlled Swindon Council has decided that it will no longer make it’s contribution towards the cost of speed cameras in Wiltshire, preferring instead to plough it’s £400,000 into real road safety measures.An Australian study estimates that about half of all traffic accidents in Australia may be due to road rage and most of the others related to alcohol, impaired driving and yet the police falsely tend to pursue revenue generating speeding traffic tickets still and why?  

” A blatant tax on the motorist” said Cllr. Peter Greenhalgh, in charge of highways, transport and strategic planning in the town, he added

“Isn’t it better to have a road that is designed to be safe from the start, rather than sticking a camera there to catch people who may or may not be driving dangerously? We treat road safety very, very seriously but we pay about £400,000 a year to the road safety partnership – money which goes straight into the Government’s pockets.

Almost half of motorists do not think speed cameras improve road safety according to new survey results from whatcar.com.

For fatal accidents the most frequently reported contributory factor was loss of control, which was involved in 35 per cent of road deaths. Failure to look properly was the most frequently reported contributory factor and was involved in 32 per cent of all injury accidents. Five of the six most frequently reported contributory factors were some kind of driver or rider error or reaction.

How many cops in Alberta are arrested annually for drunk driving coming home after work from being at the Police Tavern too.

The money hungry Conservatives in Alberta, the Calgary and the Edmonton Police forces  and the Liberals in Ontario they can all learn from this

A study of the figures in the British Medical Journal showed a  gap between police and hospital data  showed a wide divergence in these figures   said one of the authors of the article, Mike Gill, professor of public health at Surrey University. The Police are known  to lie, and  they try to please their political bosses , to get a raise by generating revenue from traffic tickets.

The survey of the Canadian vital statistics database, made up of information from death certificates, shows that 97,964 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents during the past quarter-century. However, the annual number of deaths dropped 52 per cent to 2,875 in 2004 from 5,933 in 1979. 

Nearly three-quarters of those killed in these accidents were male, and motorists at either end of the age spectrum had higher-than-average death rates. 

Pedestrians accounted for 12 per cent of motor vehicle deaths, followed by motorcyclists and drivers of all-terrain and other off-road vehicles. 

Elderly pedestrians were also found to be more than three times likelier than the general population to be killed in motor vehicle accidents. The study does not explain why. 

Rural roads proved particularly treacherous for drivers. Sixty-two per cent of fatal collisions in 2004 took place in rural areas. 

Yukon had the highest death rate at 16.4 deaths per 100,000 people. Newfoundland and Labrador and Ontario were the only two provinces and territories reporting a death rate lower than the national average of nine for every 100,000 people. 

The study notes that while death rates have fallen, the ubiquitous use of cell phones and BlackBerrys while driving pose a danger to drivers. 

do see also  http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/article653569.ece   
 Now we know that more people have accident due to road rage, impaired driving, driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol  over speeding too and we still do need to review how much time and resources do the police deal with that firstly? ”    
 Road rage is a relatively serious act; it can  be seen as a violation of human and property rights , an endangerment of  other’s personal well being, security.    Road rage is easy to convict, merely get a video camera and record the driving.. a video camera have been used successfuly on bad cops, like the RCMP.
  Note this important  brief introduction to road safety .. Yes  you always do have to drive safely, in control, not impaired as well and yes there are many, many different factors that now can cause a vehicular, automotive  accident, including but not limited to the actual daily road conditions, even the type of tires you have .. for  it is a fact that good tires lead to a safer drive, and so does a 4 wheel drive.  Next when you start to first drive at any day do first immediately test the road condition by coming to a planned sudden stop , and see firsthand how your car reacts accordingly.. then next do use this experience to set how you will drive the rest of the day too. And no matter what car, or tires you have, or who is the driver, if you do hit a patch of black ice, due clearly to the failure of others, such as the Governments, municipalities,  to apply salt and gravel on the icy / snowy  road, to falsely try to save money here,  it can be very, very hazardous now too. Give them a fine, ticket, they firstly do deserve it too. 
Now hypothetical if you do not drive at all you are less likely   to have an   accident, assuming another driver does not hit you while walking..
Hey look at all those prosecuting municipal lawyers, cops who are claiming to be serving the public and now we get a good example of how really corrupt they themselves firstly are now.. http://thenonconformer.wordpress.com/2009/05/23/3-of-canadas-top-news-stories-relating-to-the-court-justice/

Alberta’s rising jobless claims fuelled by young workers, men

CBC.ca –  Alberta has been particularly hard-hit by recession-fed job losses, with young people and unemployed men claiming federal Employment Insurance benefits in near record numbers, Statistics Canada said Tuesday.

EI benefits soar to record level in May Ottawa Citizen


 Some Ostrich cop lovers like to remain in the dark as to how bad the cops now really are too.. well many more see the truth about the cops..

Too many COPS, persons distort  the LAW. it’s meaning still too. Unacceptable.

The specific  Laws are created for a reason and given a certain set of conditions and circumstances.  When the circumstances or situation are not present then the law is basically not applicable. (2 Cor 3:6 KJV)   for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.

WE ARE NOT TO WALK  “Not of works, lest any man should boast.”  Ephesians 5:9 

Jude 18-19 “”How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts. These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit.”

 Here is what I know for sure in Canada proper policing, management ,  supervision  human rights commissions are a real fact of life, society, in schools, life,  in churches, governments, commerce, institutions, civil and public services, professional services too,  and elsewhere, even on the net,  for you will always have those 30 percent at least of the persons who will try to cheat, lie  , steal, bend the rules, falsely believe they are above the laws, Self  regulation alone is too often pretentious, farcical, often not applied as well. That applies especially to the professionals, civil and public services, police, municipalities, politicians now as well..

These cop lovers must have  been living in the dark ages still too even  in Alberta?  while thousands of persons do demand the rightful dismantling  of the RCMP even..  look here  here is what the news media says about the RCMP today.. No one can deny the many bad experiences people do have with the RCMP, Alberta cops..  I too now have dozens of posts about the bad RCMP read often by others too.. I have been rightfully helping the federal and provincial legislators to cut the bad police budgets for decades now too.
The B.C. government’s partnership with the RCMP has taken another hit with the revelation that an investigator of the gang killing of six people in Surrey has been reassigned because of his relationship with a witness in the case. Public Safety Minister Kash Heed said Wednesday he learned about the internal investigation of the unidentified RCMP officer from media reports Tuesday, and he was “not happy” about either the news or the timing. “This is an issue that has been brewing for over a month, and I was not informed of it,” Heed said. “If in fact those allegations are proven, it’s completely unacceptable as far as I’m concerned.” The RCMP investigator was part of the team assigned to the murder of six people in a high-rise apartment in Surrey on Oct. 19, 2007. After reports he had been restricted to desk duties while an internal probe is conducted, the RCMP issued a statement that said the witness in question has not provided evidence used in charges related to the Surrey killings. Heed said he found both the investigation and the lack of notification “disturbing” and “troubling” as the B.C. government begins formal negotiations to extend its policing contract with the RCMP when it expires in 2012. The B.C. government has moved to toughen civilian oversight of city police forces, but the RCMP continues to police most of the province through municipal contracts and it has its own federal public complaint and oversight procedures. Heed said B.C. is taking the lead among provinces in negotiating a new police services contract with the RCMP, because the majority of Canada’s RCMP officers now work in B.C. Asked if he is now considering setting up a provincial force as Ontario and Quebec have, he said he remains confident an acceptable deal can be reached with the RCMP. “Our government’s goal is to have the most accountable, effective and transparent police service for all of British Columbia, regardless of the colour of the uniform,” Heed said.”

Surrey 6 allegation lowers RCMP morale  CBC.ca  RCMP in Metro Vancouver acknowledge staff morale has suffered following the revelation a senior investigator on the notorious Surrey Six homicide investigation is himself under investigation.The officer, a member of the regional homicide investigation team, was assigned to desk duty after an allegation came to light in December that he was carrying on an inappropriate relationship with a potential witness in the case.- The RCMP have been under fire in BC in recent years after incidents involving the use of stun guns, deaths in custody, and drinking and driving.

“A senior British Columbia Mountie says the province’s solicitor general should have been told about allegations that an investigator in the Surrey Six case had an inappropriate relationship with a witness, but cannot explain why the information was not passed on to the cabinet member in charge of policing.“He should have been informed. I can’t say why that wasn’t done,” Chief Superintendent Janice Armstrong said , noting allegations of the relationship involving a member of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) were first raised in early December 2009Mike Farnworh, the NDP critic for the solicitor general, said he found it odd that Mr. Heed was not brought into the loop on the situation.“I would think he would have been made aware that this was taking place,” said Mr. Farnworth.The failure to do so, he said, “probably says a lot about the government. They have been out of touch and out of the loop on a lot of issues.” http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/british-columbia/bc-solicitor-general-left-in-the-dark-about-surrey-six-scandal/article1446399/ 


What should not come as a surprise to anyone in Canada is how many of the cops still do  drink and drive drunk next still.. RCMP included, and why so many cops do not prosecute any other drunk drivers even all year.. and what else in the unacceptable perversties?
Decades and decades later the police are still  covering up for their own again and again but the police are not the only bad professionals who do this these days as well, so do the Hospitals, doctors, nurses, civil and public servants, governments…








  1. An Australian study estimates that about half of all traffic accidents in Australia may be due to road rage and most of the others related to alcohol, impaired driving and yet the police falsely tend to pursue revenue generating speeding traffic tickets still and why?

    There is a difference between getting a traffic ticket you deserve and getting one that you do not deserve too.

    There is a difference between still between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law, between cops serving the ctizens or cops serving themslves and their poltical masters.

    Comment by thenonconformer — October 11, 2008 @ 4:34 pm

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  3. All good points but I would fall short of calling the cops crooked, they follow orders and direct their focus according to these orders and, misled as it may be, trying to protect us – that’s their job. If a cop catches you speeding and warns or tickets you and then sees you speeding agian of course he’s goint to be more motivated to nail you again…that part makes sense. I would rather suggest that municipalities, counties, and us…the taxpayers dictate what is to be enforced.
    Higher speeds do result in worsening collisions and reducing reaction time and vehicle control necessarily so speed enforcement is necessary. That being said, what’s worse, going 20km over the speed limit in a 50km/hr residential area where kids, bikes, and pedestrians are common or going 20 over on an open divided highway yet the fines are the same. More to the point, speeding/the higher the speed contributes to accident severity but why aren’t we addressing the causes of the accidents – tailgaiting, undue care and attention, failing to stop for traffic controls, driving under the influence, dangerous driving. Why, because they’re more difficult to quantify and police. You can’t just have one or two guys on your force parked taking pictures or pulling over cars. They’d have to patrol, stop cars in traffic, follow and monitor questionable drivers, and their observations would have to be proved in court – no nice photo or speed readout from speed trap equipment. Isn’t patrolling what we want them to do though? Maybe we wouldn’t have so many road-ragers if the police were out there dealng with some of these exceptionally bad drivers that piss us off on a daily basis with impunity while many average drivers get a speeding ticket for passing someone on the highway. Yet it’s these very bad drivers that deliberately and regularly drive in an unsafe manner with high risk habbits that cause the accidents. It’s true, like many of us these drivers also often speed but it’s the other bad habits combined with speed that make them truly dangerous yet those things are ignored by our police force. How do we get our forces to concentrate on traffic violations that truly do cause accidents and not just the cash cow speeding tickets?

    Comment by Trevor Larose — May 29, 2009 @ 1:43 am

  4. >>the police follow orders and direct their focus according to these orders and, misled as it may be, trying to protect us – that’s their job.

    Reality check rather is the police mostly are not serving the citizens for they are serving their political masters and their despotic bosses, the RCMP included..

    and you should read about my recent experience with a lying, no good Toronto police sergeant when I called to him to report a crime.. I also have dealt with the too often pretentious, incompetent Calgary Police, Montreal police Calgary, Montreal RCMP now as well.. the much too many cops who envy the crook’s money gains, as they told me firsthand too, and do note this truth that is why they do not go after the real bad guys, drug pushers aggressively instead they like to go after the speeders, the defenseless, or the small fries.

    Hey look at all those prosecuting municipal lawyers, cops who are claiming to be serving the public and now we get a good example of how really corrupt they themselves firstly are now.. http://thenonconformer.wordpress.com/2009/05/23/3-of-canadas-top-news-stories-relating-to-the-court-justice/

    Now my past neighbor was a bylaw officer, lawyer and he was a big, liar, thief, crook. you name it and he next had taught other cops his bad traits too in his police enforcement courses.. the city firstly had hired the wrong guy for the job to start off with, for he even lied on his resume as he admitted to me to get the job. The same guy asked me to help him become a judge

    Dream on, bury your head in the sand but the reality is still too many bad cops for even 3 fold reasons..

    -the present hiring practice for hiring cops is that they have to be aggressive bullies,

    – the cops association with slime, crooks , other bad cops tends to rub off on them..

    – and the bad cops kick the good cops of the police force, race.

    I have often talked to the much too many bad cops the last 5 decades, RCMP included now and they often lie, hate, discriminate now often too.. drive drunk as well.. The bad Nazis often said they were just following orders too.. Bad cops mostly do emphasis the flesh, the letter of the law over the sprit of the law, but they hypocritically tend not to obey the law and often break the laws themselves in reality in fact.. and too many do unacceptably drive drunk home from the police tavern after work. I am surprised how many cops go the the bars after work in the first place too.

    As far as any police car safety logic that Higher speeds do result in worsening collisions , but the mere fact people drive a car will do that firstly, so what do we go overboard and ban all car drivers now too.. but still that does address the issue that speed accounts for less than 15 percent of the accidents.. so how do the cops deal effectively now rather with the other 85 percent. Blaming rage on other bad drivers is a false distortion . why aren’t the police still addressing the causes of the accidents – tailgaiting, undue care and attention, failing to stop for traffic controls, driving under the influence, dangerous driving. Why, because they’re not as profitable and as seasy to enforce, convict, to generate money Yet it’s these very bad drivers that deliberately and regularly drive in an unsafe manner with high risk habbits that cause also now many of the accidents. It’s true, drivers also often speed but it’s the other bad habits that make them truly for their driving dangerous yet those things are wrongfully ignored by our police force. Now do we get our police forces to concentrate on traffic violations that truly do cause accidents and not just the cash cow speeding tickets. 45 percent of the accidents are caused by drunk driving, but the police tend to only enforce drunk driving 2 months out of 12.. so what about them doing now all year around firstly.

    And they are definitely, definitely unspiritual, intolerant, discriminatory, and do now hate the mere mention of the name Jesus Christ now too.. As I tend to find out firsthand THEY do next resort, rage when you do talk to them about Jesus.. I found that really surprising if they were supposed to be a good example of law an order, good values.. themselves. They do not like to hear the truth about themselves to make positive changes about it, even to repent of their much too many wrong doings.

    Comment by thenonconformer — May 29, 2009 @ 6:39 am


    THE ALBERTA NEWS MEDIA AND THE GOVERNMENTS OF ALBERTA DO NOT LIKE TO DISCLOSE THE REALITY OF THE MANY HIDDEN TAXES, HIDDEN EXTRA COSTS IN ALBERTA. Yes you do not pay any provincial taxes there.. but that is where the economic benefit of living there stops.. the costs of land, homes, apartments, food, ELECTRICTY, maintenace, services, education etc., are much higher than in Quebec for a start but the average salaries in Alberta generally are not any signifcantly higher, OR ADEQUATE TO PAY THE EXTRA COSTS..

    May I remind you that Calgary and Edmonton had expanded so fast that they took over all of the suburbs and there is no real estate available outside of the main cities.. and especially no water… and the remaing extremely small Towns like High River , Canmore, Okatoks, have already long been engulfed in the over pricing of the homes too..

    Reality In Calgary, Edmonton when there is a recession, you lose your job, your house goes into foreclosure and you have a BIG GARAGE SALE AND YOU MOVE BACK EAST, CAUSE IT IS TOO EXPENSIVE TO SHIP YOUR GOODS ANYWHERE.

    Imagine my surprise, unlike Quebec where there is an abundance of them on the rural roads, you really could not find a restaurant , never mind a decent one on the highway outside of the main cities.

    Anyway the wise people knew that this day of the Albertan recession was coming, when the oil prices would drop again, for history repeats itself, even like it did in the 80’s in Alberta too.

    In spite of the spins PM Stephen Harper is not the only one facing an eviction notice these days.

    Alberta Today, Beware always of the much too many men and women, liars, bullies, tormentors, control freaks, persons, civil and public servants, politicians, pastors, leaders, elders, who falsely do, will try to enslave you, oppress you, exploit you even while they claim they are proclaiming the truth, democracy, trying to help you, etc.,

    Is 51:23 ..your tormentors {and} oppressors, those who said to you, Bow down, that we may ride {or} tread over you; and you have made your back like the ground and like the street for them to pass over.

    History as usual repeats itself even in Alberta. Predicable, cyclic Bust takes still Alberta by surprise today ? “ There’s a tiny park in downtown Calgary that is a stark reminder of everything that went wrong in Alberta after the boom of the 1980s and seems to be happening all over again. The park is right next to the Bank of Montreal’s 41-storey office tower. It was supposed to be the site of a second tower that was cancelled when the bank realized the boom was over and it wouldn’t need all those offices in Western Canada after all. Twenty years later, the price of oil and gas has nosedived again and major projects are about to be cancelled or capped. Just last week, developers of what is slated to be the tallest building in Western Canada declared that they need $1.1 billion to keep the project going. There is already a square-block hole in the ground and a forest of girders and cranes on-site in the heart of downtown Calgary, but the future home of EnCana Corporation is desperately trying to arrange construction financing in a tight credit market. Building permits on five other large projects are set to expire because of inactivity. In some cases, the city has had to seal empty construction pits because the developers have pulled the plug. You would think that in a city, and a province, that has experienced more than a few booms and busts over the past 80 years some sort of common sense would have evolved about how to thrive over the long term in such an economy. But it seems both the private sector and the government are easily blinded by their wishful thinking: this boom will last forever and the money will keep rolling in, they keep telling themselves and everyone else. But it never does. So in the same week that the city’s largest construction project was revealed to be in trouble, the finance minister and the premier announced more bad news. The provincial treasury’s projected surplus for 2008-2009 dwindled from $8.5 billion to $2 billion because of declining oil and gas prices and will likely dwindle even further. Plans for new roads, schools and hospitals are now on hold. Premier Ed Stelmach also revealed that he is deferring a new royalty regime – which was have to added more than $1.4 billion a year to provincial coffers – because it’s simply the wrong time to increase taxes and risk a further slowdown of the petroleum industry. No doubt he wishes former premier Ralph Klein had increased royalties years ago when the industry was awash in profits. None of this would really matter if the provincial government had actually prepared for the bust during the boom by saving some of its billions of dollars in bounty. But it didn’t. Instead it spent billions on infrastructure when the cost of labour and materials was skyrocketing; at one point it issued $400 cheques to every man, woman and child in Alberta, a $1.4 billion giveaway; and it cut taxes or kept them low. Alberta still has The Heritage Savings Trust Fund established by former premier Peter Lougheed but it is only worth $15.8 billion. Norway, by contrast, has managed to squirrel away $350 billion since 1991. Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have also managed to whittle away billion dollar surpluses. Perhaps they also thought the boom would last forever. Or perhaps all those Alberta Conservatives simply forgot about the famous bumper sticker from the 1980s that read: “Please God, let there be another oil boom. I promise not to piss it away this time.” ” http://www.thestar.com/comment/article/541627

    There are only 2 major towns in Alberta, Edmonton and Calgary, and that’s it, but plenty of bad cops too, basically these insignifcant cities are the sole oasis in a large wilderness or mostly vacant land.. …. there are not many small towns next in Alberta or an overall big population as well. These Major cities still are support service towns, meaning mostly made up of homes, schools, hospitals, food stores, a few office buildings, oil and gas corporate headquarters, and very little direct manufacturing. Watch out the cops, judges there, tend to be mean and nasty, parking and traffic ticket quota oriented, enforcing the letter of the law over the spirit of the law. Sadly some of the news media still propagates the lie that Alberta is a place of plenty of good paying jobs, and high salaries. Now it is understandable that business persons and politicians lie a lot already but these distorted facts about the true nature of Alberta are made to encourage their much needed capital investors to a province that lacks investors, for that matter it even still lacks any manufacturing industry especially since the cost of labor is too high, the cost of electricity is too high, there is a lack of skilled persons to hire, and the basic cost of living is much too high, the costs, homes, apartments unaffordable for many new comers as well. Most of Alberta is farms and very costly single family dwellings, for there are few apartments built, never mind even available, and the present consumer prices, cost of living, hidden taxes too are ridiculous. Their support services now are not that great not even their hotels, restaurants, hospitals, school sand the insurance, and the dentist costs are outrageous too.There is no real consumer protection in Alberta, nor rental control basically in Alberta where the Landlord can jack up prices any time and as high as he wants. The population of Alberta is too low to support any major sales, marketing programs to the consumers , and most of the people have very big home mortgages so their goods purchase power is low.. most people are not friendly, the mostly bad churches now included, they are grumpy rather too.

    In spite of a growing, deepening Albertan recession the most recent growth makes Calgary , 1/3 the size of Montreal, is the third-largest municipality in Canada ? Now according to the latest statistics Toronto (2,631,725 people in 2007) and Montreal (1,620,693 in 2006) had more people. Ottawa (898,150 in 2008) and Edmonton (782,439 in 2009) rounded out the top five. However, if one uses census estimates from 2008 for metropolitan areas — which rightfully do include the immediate surrounding suburbs — then the Calgary Region falls to fifth, behind Toronto (5,531,263), Montreal (3,750,540), Vancouver (2,271,224) and Ottawa (1,198,668). Calgary (1,182,446) is unique for having the vast majority of its population live in the actual municipality, and not in surrounding suburbs. It has no suburbs because it is a mostly new city basically. That is why it is also costly as the roads, sewers, are mostly new too. Calgary only has 60,000 more residents than Edmonton (1,124,163) and it makes a lot of false noise in that fact too cause it wants to attract much needed capital investors for non existing industrial, commercial aspects.. There basically are only 2 large cities in Alberta, Calgary and Alberta, and a handful of smaller towns.. Alberta has some of the biggest liars, spin doctors in Canada for the main cities are desperately seeking more revenues, and capital investors and anyway they can get them now too even by lies, distortions. There is not much industrial, Manufacturing business in Alberta due to the shortage of labor and skilled persons, and high operating costs. People in Calgary and Alberta do often dream of becoming rich , but it is a far away dream when you consider the high costs of living there and the uncertainty of holding onto a job too.



    Comment by thenonconformer — July 24, 2009 @ 12:03 am

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  9. Hi my husband signed his car over to me and feb 13/2012, the car got broken into and passenger side window was busted out and my wallet anf ids and credit cards were stolen. Had to drive car to work with the windshield in that condition as i was at a new job. So on yhe way home i notified.police in evansburg ab to meet me at hme. And when i pulled in they were wsiting for me. Anyway told them bill of sale was in wallet which was stolen and had my plate on his car from my car and had my insurance card and registrstion from my car not the one mu husband signed over to me. So today feb 24/2012 they show up 11 days later and gave me 3 tickets… One for unable to show registration. Wrll i hve ten days to do that… And another for driving vehicle w busted window… Well hello its not my fault if it was broken into…and third ticket was for hving my plate on my husbands car which once again i hve ten days. But b 4 they left they warned me to go get drivers license since my was stolen from car w break in and get another written bill of sale from my husnand which i did and carry my insurane and registrstion from my original car… And i had it all cause he said if i get caught on hwy without this this could b the tickets u might get if stopped he neber said a word about giving me tickets. Is this legal and should i fight it? Thks confused. Thought i did it all right.

    Comment by joanne belzil — February 24, 2012 @ 7:31 pm


    Comment by thenonconformer — February 27, 2012 @ 6:45 pm

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  12. most cops are good, we as the people have to weed out the bad ones through whatever means!

    Comment by Dirk deJong — June 17, 2014 @ 12:33 pm

  13. Crap that is now what i have seen in Canada the last 50 years, only saw a handful of good cops, the rest were twits..

    Comment by thenonconformer — June 17, 2014 @ 5:33 pm

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