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October 6, 2008

McCain Versus Obama on Medicare



One of every five Florida residents lacks health insurance, a rate that trails only Texas and New Mexico.   Forty million people in the US at least  do not have health insurance.  

Trying to hold down costs and give more choices to consumers, McCain wants to take a market approach to inject more competition into the health-care system.     

McCain promises to provide up to  $5,000 tax credits to those richer families who can afford it likley so that they may go buy insurance fit for their needs.
Face it tax credits often only  help the already rich and not the poor people.. and that is why I tend not to vote for the Conservatives who tend to support the rich, the business people over the poor people. Jesus himself cared about the welfare of  all of the poor people and so did his Apostle next too as stated in the Bible, the Book of Acts.
Obama mandates equal, free health care for all. But someone next still has to vote it in and pay for it next for Obama’s  proposal, and who will that be?
When the US governments to date are willing out to bail rich corporations with social aid but not to help all of the poor citizens as we have recently seen in the Wall street corporate bail outs.
Even Small-business owners face continually rising costs as they try to provide coverage for employees. And those people who have coverage might face higher out-of-pocket expenses when they go to the doctor.
For the present McCain’s plan encourages competition, and won’t cost the government or taxpayers anything extra. But will it help the poor people? tax deductions mean nothing still when you are not earning much..
Obama’s plan erases competition, and not only will cost taxpayers eventually an arm and a leg? but hopefully will completely eliminate the already deteriorating efficiency of doctors’ offices across the nation.
But firstly does even Medicare still properly manage any of the Doctors who are gods and they next still do what they want to do, not caring what anyone says? 

A proposed Universal Health plan coverage does likley  means more  free doctor visits and coverage, with Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer or  the government footing the bill?  

While  government regulations may even drive doctors away in search of freerer markets they cannot go to Canada where Medicare is already free and works, it is an established fact for every citizen of Canada  

If you think insurance companies are hard to work with, some will now say  the local state governments, Bureaucrats will install never-ending restrictions, limiting doctors’ abilities to treat injuries or illnesses with top-of-the-line medicine.

The too often still mostly self centered, greedy  Doctors tend find both system hard to work with. 

In realty Doctors conflicts and medicare limitations  is true even still in Canada where clearly the quality of Medicare care available but sill falsely varies from province to province, from city to city too, and the big, older, more established cities in east East such as Montreal, Toronto  still tend to provide the best overall Medicare care especially for the elderly.

The free Universal Health care plan is still even in Canada is a pretentious Myth, because provincial budget limitations do now still restrict the number of operations any hospital can do annually, even for critical items such as heart operations, all meaning that there is still a false partiality,  approval, for there is still a selection process and most sick and needy persons  next do get left out from getting the heart needed surgery.  

 Younger persons, influential people, and Hospital  workers, and their relatives seem to get the first surgery selections.

France has one of the best  Universal Health care plan it is a combination of private and universal Medicare approach. Why is that?



  1. My sister is a diabetic. It is almost impossible for her to afford insurance here in TexAss right now. She has researched McCain’s plan and told me that it would be pretty much completely impossible for her if he wins. As for higher taxes: if they actually were applied to programs which benefit citizens who aren’t rich and powerful, I’m all for them!

    Comment by markbaland — October 6, 2008 @ 8:41 pm

  2. Read my own experiences on the subject

    Attention Health Ministers, Ministers of Consumer protection

    You can really tell how really good any firm is, even if they live up to their advertising promises now too, when you actually go to use their services, then you can find out too often the hard way what big liars they are too..

    Note that the Diabetes glucose test strips also can be defective and may have to be replaced too. They are also a sensitive piece of medical equipment that can be damaged as well. These strips need to be kept clean, protected, stored in a dry place. Also everyone one must insure one has already washed, and has clean dry fingers, alcohol free too, before one test for the sugar levels with a test strip. Test strips and test solutions do have expiry dates now as well. Note them

    On top of that most people should, admit, that diabetes and heart problems are related, and when one has one one tends to eventually have the others, and they now should try to stop that from happen ing by eating proper meals, proper foods, getting proper exercises and learning how to deal beneficially with encountered stress as well as getting daily enough proper sleep.

    This misleading add by a clearly disreputable company Bayers who has now refused to acknowledge my emails, claiming they likely were accidently deleted, and has refused to answer any of my related. questions to them and note any of them with a reply of “I am sorry but I cannot help you here”.

    My questions was how many other Bayer Customers also have defective Bayer diabetes meters, how many of them have also been recalled, and how many of then are defective? and why is that?



    “Contact Us Site and services are for Canadian residents only. We are always available to help you. Please get in touch with us either by telephone or online. Telephone, If you need help with your AscensiaT or Glucometer® diabetes care product or want to find the store closest to you that sells our products, please call the Diabetes Helpline at 1-800-268-7200. We are available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST, seven days a week. Online Your feedback is important to us. Please let us know what you think of this site and fill out the Site Feedback Form. https://www.bayerdiabetes.ca/eng/contactus/index.asp We invite your questions, comments and suggestions. Send an e-mail to: feedback@ascensia.ca. If you have questions of a medical nature, your health care team is always your best source of information and advice.” https://www.bayerdiabetes.ca/eng/contactus/index.asp

    These diabetes gluecose meters are distributed in Hospitals by working nurses at the hospitals, clearly on the TAKE from Bayer, pushing the Bayer products, and by drug stores.

    I talked face to face with my family doctor at the Hospital who said Bayer’s diabetes glucose meters are known to be often defective.

    But some how they fail to tell the public and their users that info,


    When I asked Bayers support services by Phone as to how my 2 Bayers glucose meters can be both so wrong.. I take the even same blood sample.. I next get different results from the same meter even.. On the competitor meter it says 6.8 firstly and next it says 9.8 in a matter of seconds too (The Ultra meter lets you make a meter adjustment for the type of test strips that you get monthly, and it get, solves this Problem) . While the Bayer meters say 13.4, and even 22.4.. when it should have said 7.7, and while the Bayer company says they test all their glucose meters before delivery.. but what provision do they have now for testing the after next when being used by the patients rather? If your meter is defective they will replace it.. how in the world are you supposed to know it is really defective in the first place? I found out over 6 months later they were defective the hard way too.. Bayers say their meters are very popular and I said to them that was cause most people wrongfully do not know how crappy their meters are and the bad Bayer’s follow services now too..

    To date no one from Bayer got back to me yet about any of this. Why?

    Because Canada’s Bayer ascensia.ca would not give me a REPLY by phone or email I contacted them also in the UK

    From: diabetes@bayer.co.uk
    Sent: Friday, October 03, 2008 3:18 PM
    Subject: Online form submission

    Thank you for your enquiry. This has been forwarded to a member of staff who will contact you as soon as possible.
    Kind regards,
    Customer Services
    They have yet to get back to me

    When I also do see a note likes this,” Due to recent high volume of e-mail messages, your response may be delayed.” It still generally means their equipment, services are unreliable and they have loads of customer complaints. I have often got it from the bad service department at Bell Sympatico.

    For 100 dollars per month per customer for thier test strips you would think they all could give a good support service too?

    I had also contacted their competitor too, but their phone lines were too busy and they next promised to return my calls which they did at least a few hours later and they clearly told me that using the meters and test strips was not a simple event, some real reading, maximizing oneself, following their manual instructions, was required

    From: customerservice@lfsus.jnj.com
    Sent: Friday, October 03, 2008 3:47 PM
    Subject: RE: Ascensia.ca :
    Dear Visitor:
    Thank you for visiting the LifeScan Web site and for taking the time to write to us. This automatic response is to notify you that your message has been received by LifeScan’s Customer Service Department. Due to recent high volume of e-mail messages, your response may be delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience resulting from this delay, and encourage you to contact our Customer Services Department at the number below if this is an urgent matter.

    I have switched over to Ultra – Life Scan who are the Number one in Canada and in the US.. Their services in comparison to Bayer now in my real experiences is like heaven compared to hell. They gave me an additional new meter, they gave me free cable to connect their ultra meters to the computer, and software to measure my test results, they were kind on the phone always, called me back and talk to me.

    Understandably since my past disastrous unacceptable problems with Bayer glucose meters, twice bitten now I am even more cautious, I next get different results from the Life Scan Ultra meters even.. where it said 6.8 firstly and next it said 9.8 using the same blood, and the test was one a few seconds apart. Fortunately Life Scan Ultra though provides a control, test solution Life Scan is committed to providing customers with quality products and caring service and life scan has done so too. I contacted then directly by phone next and they had next effectively took all the necessary steps to rectify the problems.. replacing the defective strips.. for it seems the test strip batch themselves now were defective and I understand such things can happen.. it was great that Life Scan has a test procedure to measure the meters effectiveness periodically, and has also the adequate follow up services too. The whole experience was great for me I learned how to check the meters accuracy results too. All Much much appreciated. .

    Do see also






    All Doctors, corporations also still need to be regulated by the government for self regulation is a farce

    Comment by thenonconformer — October 6, 2008 @ 8:52 pm

  3. “doctor” is not capitalized. “God” is.

    Comment by Roch101 — October 6, 2008 @ 9:22 pm

  4. Thanks for the great comment

    Most Doctors still do think they are gods and most Patients see Doctors as god over God..

    It is great for me too that God has promised to me next to do what the Doctors cannot now do for me..


    Comment by thenonconformer — October 6, 2008 @ 9:28 pm

  5. I was in a drug store and a customer wanted a generic equivalent brand..

    and where can I get one for the bad bad RCMP, and the bad Stephen Harper PM. Bad Health Ministers too

    It seems Stephen Harper is slipping in the polls and is now resorting to bribing us all with taxpayer’s money, something he had before bashed the others for doing, just more of more Harper’s hypocrisy too.


    Comment by thenonconformer — October 7, 2008 @ 12:36 am

  6. It has been very interesting to me that some of the biggest alcoholics and false proponents of ALCOHOL now are Ministers themselves.. and what else do they do? tax evasions, adultery, divorce, slander, gossip, no wonder in my own real personal experiences the last 5 decades too that 70 percent of the pastors are ungodly, immoral still and undeniably very very few people respect them anymore for what they do and say.

    It is often also non surprising to me that people who are closed to be led by the Holy spirit, to Pentecostalism, tongues would prefer the demonic spirit of drunkenness.

    No other issue tends to divide the church and evoke as much deep seated emotion as the question of alcohol, but only for the alcoholics now too, for in general, is itself a false statement.. for clearly the issue of gay marriages, but note esepcially speaking in tongues, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and Healing, gifts of the Holy spirit, impartation, cause more discussions and oppositions too, as the Anglican Church splits, and as the latests net exposes about the Todd Bentley Florida revival has clearly shown



    Comment by thenonconformer — October 23, 2008 @ 1:36 am

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  9. Introduction: I have been using 2 separate Bayer’s glucose, diabetes instruments, meters for 2 years.. It turns out they are both faulty, giving serious erroneous results, which led to me going needlessly to the emergency department, and my doctor increasing my diabetes medication as well, causing addition negative personal side effects when my sugar level was rather normal

    I first contacted Bayer’s by phone, and confirmed my concern by EMAIL ALSO AND they refused to talk to me about the matter, they also did not even knowledge my email. So I next POSTED it on the net for all the read and deal with it too, including at https://anyonecare.wordpress.com/2008/10/06/mccain-versus-obama-on-medicare/



    NEXT I SURPRISINGLY GET A LETTER TODAY FROM BAYER’S ASKING ME TO RETURN THE DEFECTIVE METERS AND STRIPOS FOR TESTING.. not to an impartial laboratory, but to Bayer’s directly. I next do personal phone them today, 1-800-268-7200, REFERENCE #2008-0810-na-st , and I specially tell them I will not return the equipment, strips to them since these meters are now direct evidence of how inadequate their meters were, are also

    I expect all health ministers to review these matters STILL IN full too. Bayer CRAPPY DIABETES EQUIPMENT need to be supervised, regulated as you can see why here in.

    I like to write an email letter directly to a person, and to next insure undesirability of my complaint, demand of my rightful action, to send a copy to the news editors, politicians, but also to post the letter on the net and tell them all it is on the net.. even the last 2 decades, and from my experience that is the only thing that works.

    I have a civil engineering degree, Concordia University , Montreal 1968, and I had worked as a Remax Realtor in Calgary too but in my decades of real life experiences in Canada the existing laws, regulating societies, governments clearly did not stop many Realtors, Lawyers, Cops, Pastors or even now Bell Sympatico, Corporations from telling lies to the customers, others

    I HAD learned from Amnesty International that putting things in writing, writing to the right party is the best approach TO DEAL WITH SUCH ABUSES, PROBLEMS. Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty service every one best interest and that is why I have detailed on the net as well. The internet itself is the most powerful weapon, for the pen is mightier than the sword..

    Comment by thenonconformer — November 6, 2008 @ 6:45 am

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