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October 6, 2008

McCain Versus Obama on Medicare



One of every five Florida residents lacks health insurance, a rate that trails only Texas and New Mexico.   Forty million people in the US at least  do not have health insurance.  

Trying to hold down costs and give more choices to consumers, McCain wants to take a market approach to inject more competition into the health-care system.     

McCain promises to provide up to  $5,000 tax credits to those richer families who can afford it likley so that they may go buy insurance fit for their needs.
Face it tax credits often only  help the already rich and not the poor people.. and that is why I tend not to vote for the Conservatives who tend to support the rich, the business people over the poor people. Jesus himself cared about the welfare of  all of the poor people and so did his Apostle next too as stated in the Bible, the Book of Acts.
Obama mandates equal, free health care for all. But someone next still has to vote it in and pay for it next for Obama’s  proposal, and who will that be?
When the US governments to date are willing out to bail rich corporations with social aid but not to help all of the poor citizens as we have recently seen in the Wall street corporate bail outs.
Even Small-business owners face continually rising costs as they try to provide coverage for employees. And those people who have coverage might face higher out-of-pocket expenses when they go to the doctor.
For the present McCain’s plan encourages competition, and won’t cost the government or taxpayers anything extra. But will it help the poor people? tax deductions mean nothing still when you are not earning much..
Obama’s plan erases competition, and not only will cost taxpayers eventually an arm and a leg? but hopefully will completely eliminate the already deteriorating efficiency of doctors’ offices across the nation.
But firstly does even Medicare still properly manage any of the Doctors who are gods and they next still do what they want to do, not caring what anyone says? 

A proposed Universal Health plan coverage does likley  means more  free doctor visits and coverage, with Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer or  the government footing the bill?  

While  government regulations may even drive doctors away in search of freerer markets they cannot go to Canada where Medicare is already free and works, it is an established fact for every citizen of Canada  

If you think insurance companies are hard to work with, some will now say  the local state governments, Bureaucrats will install never-ending restrictions, limiting doctors’ abilities to treat injuries or illnesses with top-of-the-line medicine.

The too often still mostly self centered, greedy  Doctors tend find both system hard to work with. 

In realty Doctors conflicts and medicare limitations  is true even still in Canada where clearly the quality of Medicare care available but sill falsely varies from province to province, from city to city too, and the big, older, more established cities in east East such as Montreal, Toronto  still tend to provide the best overall Medicare care especially for the elderly.

The free Universal Health care plan is still even in Canada is a pretentious Myth, because provincial budget limitations do now still restrict the number of operations any hospital can do annually, even for critical items such as heart operations, all meaning that there is still a false partiality,  approval, for there is still a selection process and most sick and needy persons  next do get left out from getting the heart needed surgery.  

 Younger persons, influential people, and Hospital  workers, and their relatives seem to get the first surgery selections.

France has one of the best  Universal Health care plan it is a combination of private and universal Medicare approach. Why is that?

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