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September 30, 2008

CBC formal apology on attack of Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Pallin.


CBC apologizes for Mallick opinion piece
Winnipeg Free Press – 1 hour ago
CBC News publisher John Cruickshank issued a formal apology on the CBC website Sunday for an “error in judgment” in publishing a column by Heath Mallick that attacked Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Pallin.
The CBC’s puffin? Globe and Mail
CBC News apologizes for web column attacking Palin National Post
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CBC News apologized Sunday for publishing a column about Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, conceding that it was “viciously personal.”

More than 300 people complained to the CBC ombudsman about a column that ran on Sept. 5 on CBCNews.ca by award-winning freelance writer Heather Mallick.

The article, “A mighty wind blows through Republican convention,” reportedly said Ms. Palin was chosen to appease the party’s “rural,” “unlettered” “white trash” base and said that the vice-presidential nominee looked like a “porn actress.”

CBC News publisher John Cruickshank said in a letter that the public broadcaster erred in judgment.

 CBC Ombudsman,  ”  he objects that many of her most savage assertions lack a basis in fact,” Mr. Cruickshank wrote.

“Mallick’s column is a classic piece of political invective. It is viciously personal, grossly hyperbolic and intensely partisan. And because it is all those things, this column should not have appeared on the CBCNews.ca site.”

It is about time now, Better late than never too

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