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May 26, 2008

Preparation for God and His Worship

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“God is calling us to come to him

1. First, you should prepare to meet God in worship we prepare for worship by drawing near to God in our hearts even at home, at work, in our surroundings, hourly, daily and not just a few hours on Sunday!

When God said five times, “You did not return to me,” he did not mean that they should have come more often to a physical place of worship. The returning was not a physical movement. Returning to God was a movement of the heart, not just  a movement of the body. There is a heart preparation to be done in order to meet God.

Jesus said, “This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me” (Matt. 15:8). When this is the case the preparation needed is a movement of the heart from far to near, and yet it is a movement that is not measured in inches or miles.

— It is measured with the tape of attention — you may not even be thinking of God Saturday night or Sunday morning. So your heart is far from him measured by attention.

— Or it may be measured by the tape of focus — you may have some attention on God but it is broken up by other things and there is no focused attention that gets God clearly in view and makes him the primary object of attention.

— It is measured by the tape of desire — you may feel little desire for God but be very much caught up in a greater desire for sports or finances or a trip to the lake, while the desire and the longing for God is weak by comparison.

— Or it can be measured by the tape of trust and hope — your trust in God may be weak and your hope faint and wavering.

— Or it may be measured by the tape of delight or joy in God — you may feel much more pleasure Saturday night in a late movie than in meeting God in the morning.

Everyone of us is far from where we want to be on one of these measuring tapes every week.

Our primary goal is to meet God , and to commune with him and to hear him and to speak to him and to savor him and this is very hard to do and that it takes teaching an and preparation of heart, a conscious priority — a sustained, God centered focus on dealing with God without mere human distraction. 

2. The second preparation for God and his  worship is that we renounce all known sin in our lives before coming to worship God.

The wealthy people of Israel tried to make love with their true husband while keeping a mistress on the side. They tried to worship God while concealing sin in their lives. They also oppressed the poor, and crushed the needy, while trying to live in wealth and luxury.

Worship will inevitably become a weak, empty form and ritual if we try to keep on with it while our hearts are running after other gods. God will gladly take the dirtiest sinner into his arms on Sunday morning who comes with a broken and contrite heart intent on forsaking all known sin and trusting in Jesus for cleansing. But God will not be mocked by those who make like they love him and willfully break his law during the week. So the second act of preparation is to confess and renounce all known sin and come to the  worship of God cleansed by the blood of Jesus and resting in his forgiveness and hope.

3. The third preparation for the worship of God is that we take note of how God has been trying to get our attention.

Five times in Amos 4 God says that he had done specific things in the lives of his people to turn them back to himself. And five times it says, “Yet you did not return to me.” Each of these things God had done to get their attention could be explained as natural events with no divine cause. But God holds Israel accountable to listen and respond. That’s the meaning of “Yet you did not return to me.”

In not hearing the voice of God, or seeing the hand of God, Israel failed to prepare to meet him. That is what we must not do. We must wake up and stop looking at our lives like secular, scientific,  naturalists. God is doing things in your life which are gracious providential messages to return to him and trust him. Take note of what he God has been saying to us in our lives to draw us to himself.

4. Finally, worship starts by also going to a church where Christ’s truth is honored and fellowshipping also during the week with the Body of Christ, in prayer as well.

The Israelites were clearly a religious people. They came to Bethel and came gladly. But they had lost touch with the God of truth and they were not worshiping in truth. There were some left over forms like tithing and thank-offerings and sacrifices. But the very center and heart of worship was missing — the true God.

“So I close with these suggestions for how we might prepare ourselves and others to meet effectively our God even in the Church services:

1. Set aside some time during the week and pray for all of the Church services, and especially Saturday night begin the orientation onto worship. Turn off the television and set your mind on things that above with the word of God and a time of prayer. Pray that God will be manifest in the services, that men will be convicted of sins and judgement and will thus repent.

2. Saturday night also do Go to bed early enough so that you are fresh and emotionally alive Sunday morning. The price of late night movies or parties on Saturday will be powerless worship Sunday morning.

3. Get up in time Sunday so that you do not have to rush to get to church, but have a little time to be alone with God and ask his blessing on you and your family and on the church. I can almost promise you that you depth of your communion with God in the service will be directly proportionate to the way you have sought the Lord for his blessing Saturday night and Sunday morning. This will take some discipline and some planning. But you will probably never turn back once you taste the fruit.

4. When you come into the sanctuary begin to seek the Lord. That means that by and large there will be a holy hush across the sanctuary. But it will be a very different kind of stillness than the awkward silence before a Sunday School class where you want everyone to mill around and talk and nobody is. There is a world of difference. And the difference will be made and felt by whether hundreds of you really going hard after God, or just politely waiting for the show to begin. You will make the difference in those minutes as to whether a visitor senses cool distance or the reality of God. The very point of those moments of going hard after of God is that this room will be filled with the power of God. The goal of those moments is not that people will be impressed with us — either our piety or our friendliness — but that they will fall on their face and say, “God is in this place.” And that will only happen people are taken up with God.

If you want your friendship to go deep with someone, I invite you to make an experiment. As you enter the sanctuary talking, and the prelude begins, try saying this: “Let’s finish this discussion after the service. I think John needs our prayers. Let’s do battle for him.” My wager is; that camaraderie in the warfare of prayer will take your friendship deeper than another five minutes of conversation.

5. If you have to come late –and we all do from time to time — minister to those who have to sit in the commons and minister to those worshipping in the sanctuary with a spirit of worship and prayer.

6. Finally, before every act of worship, whether a hymn or a reading or a prayer or an anthem or a moment of silence or a sermon, say to Lord, “Lord, I come. I come to loved worship, praise and to sing to you. I come to pray to you. I come to listen to your word. I come to enjoy your presence.” Don’t drift through the service as though the action is on the platform. Become the main player Listens and  also do pray for the others during the services, pray that they will listen, repent as well.

The greatest action in worship is when a heart that is far from the Lord draws near to the Lord, and focuses on him and desires him and trusts him and enjoys him. “

>>By the way I dont know why should you put up topics of endtimes cause it brings fear and intimidation to people..

I agree .. the subject made Daniel even sick.. (Dan 8:27 KJV)  And I Daniel fainted, and was sick certain days; afterward I rose up, and did the king’s business; and I was astonished at the vision, but none understood it.

plus look at this the Book of Daniel where Danile himself was told to seal up the words of the prohecy.. (Dan 12:4 KJV)  But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end:

for we are all to look forward to the return of Jesus Christ. not the return of the anti christ


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