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May 25, 2008

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It has also been decades of my own experiences in my own  rightfully complaining about unacceptable negatives that still a written letter sent to the right party works best, a letter sent to the the people who have the power to make changes, and that includes all of the news editors  and the elected representatives too, for  that public exposure and prosecution of the guilty persons serves everyone’s best interest. I am a prolific writer who has now for decades written a wide range of social, moral, political  issues  but I too  was surprised as to how much attention comparatively the the Bell posts  are getting now. But for some reasons Bell still is not getting enough attention by the government..  They really still do not care about the citizens concerns? Only their own perks, expense accounts, etc..
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Here’s an interview of Arbor Networks CTO Danny McPherson. Arbor Networks makes network management and traffic shaping tools for the ISPs so he has interesting data on bandwidth usage.

According to his interview, only 20 percent of traffic is P2P applications. During peak-load times, 70 percent of subscribers use http while 20 percent are using P2P. Http still makes up the majority of the total traffic, of which 45 percent is traditional web content that includes text and images. Streaming video and audio content from services like YouTube accounts for nearly 50 percent of the http traffic.

That would mean, from a traffic shaping point of view it’s not even a that useful to bug p2p users since most of the lag is caused by youtube and it’s cousins – and Bell certainly has these statistics.

>>the latest customer service mail out today from Bell: “Download movies at warp speed. Nothing is more important than speed when it comes to downloading movies and music. Don’t let viruses, Trojans and worms slow down your computer. We have tips to put your PC in overdrive.” as if it were viruses, Trojans and worms who were slowing down music and movie downloads…

not only is this  a typical Bell misdirection, another false Bell diversion but it is a misleading Bell ploy merely to earn more money by selling more of Bell  services, for Bell  they really do notcare about the customer’s best interest firstly but only their own… as we Bell customers all seem to know firsthand too.

 >>The mainstream media doesn’t even have a clue.

or they does not care to take on Bell after all CTV and the Globe &Mail they are part of Bell… speaking of monopolies, and more governmental regulations here they are now needed too.


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