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May 18, 2008

On how to deal with it

On how to deal with it 
A great constant high speed Internet service,  or problem plagued one rather?
Did you pay for an high speed unlimited download, constant, reliable  Internet services from  Rogers, Videotron, Telus,  Bell Sympatico, or what ever? and you clearly you still do know that your ISP, Internet service provider’s system is slow, sluggish, constantly downed, and they does not give you even their original promised high speed rather? Are most of these ISP companies the same, or what they are all good or all bad too?
Well be of good cheer, for you likley here are not alone too, their are likley now  hundreds of thousands of persons even like you. Complaining now too.
So what can you personally really do good about any of it now too?
Well you   first now  call  supposedly  your Canadian Bell Sympatico technical representative or what ever, rightfully and next likely they will refer you an supposedly appropriate Internet site, send you supposedly appropriate emails or you will by phone be told any of the following –
1: The problem is with your Computer operating system, you might have to contact Microsoft for it might be defective. But if that was the case none of the programs on your computer would be working firstly.
2: The problem is in your memory or hard drive cache, or your actual memory capacity, management of it, but you have already rebooted your computer, deleted the temporary files and it does not help.
3: The problem is with the much too many spyware on your computer,  but you already have a good spyware checker, and you do a weekly regualr maintenace on your computer too.
4: The problem is likely a virus on your computer causing all these  problems, but you already have a good virus checkertoo.
5: The problem might be with you home, office internal phone line connections, or the related cable connections and filters, and so they may if you are lucky send you a technician to look at it.. they sent  you 6 of them in one year even.. it does not help basically.
6: The problem might be with your modem itself, so they next do send you another one, and next another one and next another one too.. 6 of them..
7: The problem might be in your inappropriate initialization, configuration of your modem, or your emailing software and they will help you on line to reconfigure it.
and none of this it does not help you? But why?
– Maybe you just run out of luck and the representative you dealt with is firstly  totally incompetent, as it is likely in half of the cases to start of with, and the representative they  falsely do next  object to you for your  raised your voice in protest, and so they does even hang up on you. They do not want to admit they are incompetent, basically stupid to you for their boss, or another department,  might find out if he the boss does not know it already?
– So you do immediately call back and ask to speak to the manager, the Bioss himself and likely next also  find out he knows nothing about computers, or even about  bitt torrents too?
– So next your complaint phone call is now eventaully transferred to the Bell Sympatico accounting department, but they still do want to know why you are talking to them? for they know nothing about these problmes of yours, nor especially about the Internet,  and they really cannot help you.
-Finally you next are even of you are lucky passed to the main Bell executive expediting office itself, and yes they finally do promise to look at it, to help you, but firstly to you they complain to you they are over booked and under staffed and they next do promise to call you back, days, weeks, months  later and hey still have not called you back too..
So what do you do next?
Maybe the main  Internet service problem is not in your home or office, but God forbid it may be at Bell Sympatico itself? your ISP? Their respective, representatives technicians, equipment, services too . It is likley next  generally a long drawn out affair before this or any of it is or  was admitted.
Likkely –
1: They your ISP have been, are cutting back on your email capacity and
2: They you  ISP have been, are cutting back on your download speed?
but now why would they even try to do that?
What they have over advertised their capabilities, and are unable to meet most of the customer demands on their services to start of with anyway?
Why? Firstly to make more profit, money and also to try to save spending their money installing any more needed high speed lines, because they do not have high speed fibber cable in most of Canada to start off, and high speed is only available what 4.5 km from the center of most Bell centers, in most of major big cities, and for the rest of you, they seem to only pretend only they are giving you high speed on their old, definitely inadequate phone lines.
But did you firstly even  check your actual download speeds being delivered by your ISP to you at any of the any reliable “Internet speed test” sites available on the net? Use a search engine to find them, try them all if you have to too. or try http://www.speedtest.net/results.php
So next  you do find out that your download speed as at now being 1 megs, or 2.2 megs but not the 6, 7 or 16 your had been promised and had paid for? Wow what a revelation?
Of course you immediately next do call your ISP, or Bell Sympatico technical representatives or even the Bell management and they assure you that you have the original promised speed, but  what else did you expect them to tell you, to truthfully tell you that they have not been keeping their high speed promises to you and many others the last many years? Now you got to be dreaming, or joking? if you think they might firstly tell you the whole truth, even if one honest person now next of five at Bell admits to it, the other 4/5 will likely next still deny it.
Or worse than all that Bell Sympatico now says to you that  if you enter now into a new, higher cost, higher speed contract with them they will overcome all of your Internet problems immediately? But can you even next trust them to do that if they have not kept their old promises to you firstly still too? Read the fine print on the new contract , many people wgo did not next found out they had lost their unlimited download capabilities.
Such above Problem ISP services has been the reality of many persons reality in my neighborhood
So next  you finally do  talk to your knowledgable, technical, nerdy  friends, others and ask them what you should   about it next?
1 One group says you should just forget the wool thing, that they had ripped you off all these years now too, and just pay the 100 cancellation fees and go to a new Internet service provider, and what makes them think it will be any better next there too?
2 The second group says try their new higher speed contract, likely with the same old problem behavior
3 The third group says fight back, and what is the best way to do this
– Write a letter to Bell, Rogers with a copy to your what useless too elected officials, Consumer Affairs Ministers, CRTC and copies to the major news editors asking your ISP or Bell to respect their past contract agreement with you and also  to give you a credit for your past inadequate services too ASAP. Immediately too.
– Register in wrting a complain with a proper regulating body..
So now you win your battle, get your original promised high speed Internet services finally, and they do give you your original promised download, speed, give you a credit as well for 6 months free Internet service, and you are on the ball,  rolling high. But for how long? What the right hand gives the left hand can take away?
A month later you sadly, furiously do  discover they your IP broke their agreed upon past promises to you, they even cut back on their high speed delivery to,,, etc.,
So what do you do now?.
Repeat the whole process… or move on? It is your choice still.
Broadband firms grilled over speed limits Broadband Finder
The Press Association – Guardian Unlimited – Broadband Watchdog – Which?
all 27 news articles »
Are you looking for a Cable or DSL, phone Internet service? First Search for the Internet providers available in you area, and also do ask your neighbors what is their experience concerning their Broadband service. Ask about:

 UK ISPs pressed to explain slow broadband
Telecoms.com (subscription), UK – 11 Oct 2007
The UK regulator’s consumer advisory body, the Ofcom Consumer Panel, has called on internet service providers to clarify advertised broadband speeds. …

ISPs quizzed over slow broadband
Which?, UK – 10 Oct 2007
Britain’s top internet service providers (ISPs) have been asked to explain why consumers often don’t get advertised broadband connection speeds.

In august Which? reported that although many packages advertise speeds of ‘up to’ 8 megabytes per second, the average speed for such connections was 2.7 Mbps.

1.  The “Speed” that they actually get.
2.  Down time experience.
3.  Speed Capping, and port blocking.
4.  Tech support.  In a case that the service is not obtained from the owner of the system (I.e. the Internet provider is not your regular Cable or Telephone provider).  It is very important to ask how Tech support works. In many situations the Tech. on site response can be very slow since your provider might need the actual line owner to provide the service.
Here is another truth that should have been dealt with a decade ago by the governments, governess too. Bell Sympatico’s poor Internet speeds, false, misleading adverting.. “Anyone can deliver the Internet. Only Bell brings you Total Internet.  New Sympatico Total Internet service from Bell gives you everything you need for a complete Internet experience, including: Consistently fast access that’s never shared 2 Consistently fast access that’s never shared  Your Internet access is yours alone, so you’ll enjoy consistently fast speed, without frustrating slowdowns, even during peak hours.  We have one of the largest fibre optic networks in Canada, and we continue to bring this leading-edge technology to even more homes, improving your Internet experience.” http://www.bell.ca/shopping/PrsShpPromo_Int_Total.page? 
I have paid for and I am rightfully expected as promised a steady reliable high speed Internet system since 2001 but I have not received it for most of the time. I got the opposite.”Part of the problem that the Sympatico division is having, is that it appears to have over estimated the distance over which its network can operate effectively. Company policy states that high-speed service only operates effectively for clients that are located within four and a half kilometers from a Bell central office.  But according to one Bell employee, many customers that are close to, but not over, the distance limit are experiencing slow downloads speeds and difficulty logging on at peak periods. So why is Sympatico selling the service, when it can’t deliver? “  peter@peterdiekmeyer.com ”We have one of the largest fibre optic networks in Canada”, is also misleading because 90 percent of Canada’s geographical area cannot have this access, and that means that at least 50 percent of Bell Sympatico high speed Internet customers also do not have this access but are supposedly paying for it..These simple, clear issue should be resolved even in one day even by Consumer Affairs and not in  months, or years..
“To Bell Sympatico  January 31, 2008
Thank you for your long time awaited response but it was unacceptable one still too. Now deal adequately with my complaint, problem ASAP too.
 Real, enforced Consumer protection is needed against the too often lying, crooked Internet service provider’s and their personnel as well..
Bell Sympatico as I have detailed to all now many times, and undeniably too,  they have over advertised their capabilities, and are unable to meet most of the customer demands on their services to start of with anyway. Why? Firstly to make more profit, money and also to try to save spending their money installing any more needed high speed lines, because they do not have high speed fibber cable in most of Canada to start off, and high speed is only available what 4.5 km from the center of most Bell centers, in most of major big cities, and for the rest of you, they seem to only pretend only they are giving you high speed on their old, definitely inadequate phone lines.Please note that any traffic management by you now on any of my Internet downloads is illegal for I do for many years do  have a high speed unlimited Internet download contract with you. Any changes to it would require my mutual approval firstly tool. Your latest Internet management techniques have illegal violated your past contract agreement and you have to stop doing that or face a real penalty for not honoring our agree upon original contract by law now too. as far as the P@P usage it is none of your business firstly.. what I do with my computer on the net as well but firstly you u did not reply adequately to me for my Bit torrent software never blocked my email as I had told you before firstly so why do you say it does now supposedly? how would you know that? Rather you are the e one who reduced  my email capacity and download speeds illegally now as well firstly. Correct it immediately or else you will face the negative real consequences for breaking falsely my contract with you. Bell even does not do now  traffic management on all if it’s commercial customers now too… so do not do it on my services as well.
Internet top Internet service providers (ISPs) have been asked to explain why consumers often don’t get advertised broadband connection speeds too. …”





  1. Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

    Comment by Matt Hanson — May 18, 2008 @ 8:00 am

  2. Thank you for good information~~*

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    Comment by Mint — May 19, 2008 @ 2:18 am

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  5. So because of my much bad publicity openly on the net about Bell, Sypmatico has next tried to hide all of this under an new image of Bell.ca but changing merely the name does not change the reality of the same old bad people, bad supervisors, employees very definately doing the same bad things, even abusing the customers, and still delivering a lousy ISP service too.

    Hey I cannot even trust the local store clerks to charge the right price on anything I buy and anything still ,for the advertised price and the price on their computers often still differ now too.. and some clerks just try to charge me often even twice for the same items so they can put more money into their own pockets. Who can you trust.. not the business world.

    I had a new computer problem show up today, the windows vista would not update or allow me to update.. I researched the net, the customer’s and community forums too, on this and you should see all of the nothing but crap I got so I merely contacted the real experts, not like those at Bell or Acanac now too, I contacted HP and I got within a few hours their great solutions that next worked too. And they have done that quickly, effectively 3 times this year too..

    My disastrous conclusion – “I am still having problems even to access my internet sites even and also to access my email, This morning at 10 am I saw 2 Bell trucks, and two employees working at the closet Bell telephone junction box about 100 yards from my home near my home, and I bluntly went and asked them if they were responsible for making my internet ineffective, but it appears they next did not solve my internet problems. Now do tell the Bell to fix the problem. I have often rightfully said it that what Bell fixes on one hand the other hand makes it worse next. Reality.”

    I learned long time ago just cause some one has a degree, a title, does not mean I have to believe his word, or believe that if he has a degree he has any professional competency now too. That includes all kind of professionals now too. My dad pay hundreds of dollars for a new set of glasses, and had to wait a month to get them, wore them for a month, and could not see.. when I went to see the optometrist he said he had done his best. Crap I said, my father did not pay him to do his best but only paid him to do professional job and I next demanded my father’s full money back and we got it. We went immediately to another competitive optometrist next door and got a new pair of glasses at half the price in one hour and they worked well, my dad was happy.. so much for the so called professional.

    So How come the access to my internet sites are not continually reliable? The internet, computer and the tech support services, are like one big jig saw puzzle, leave out some pieces and the puzzle is not pretty any more. I cannot believe it I have had 10 bell technicians come to fix my internet problems, and none of them seem to know how to use a computer, One Bell tech had even asked me to give him some instructions on how to use his windows 98 laptop. One persons tells me to put it on, the other one next says take it off.. includes the local network connection configuration setups

    My being unable to connect properly to the internet from my home.. web page accessibility problems ..

    – I tend to be a heavy, systematic, daily user, and I have many different blog sites, about 16 at least.. wordpress.com, windows live, multiply.com , windows group, etc.,
    -I tend to deal often with the same sites regularly, daily, I do try to access and post on my many of blogs daily, or weekly.. posting or accessing many of my own blogs has become difficult,
    -the connectivity problem is generally a more consistent one. meaning it last for days, weeks and not a periodic one meaning where it fluctuates from day to day, or site to site
    – The problem is not my Internet download, internet speed, I am happy with the download speeds presently

    I also do know that different people will speak on the subject from the degree of their level of expertise, ignorance and actual knowledge.
    -Some people said it was my firewall, or my anti virus security causing the problem.. but when I had removed both I still had the problem.
    -Some people said it sounded like a virus.. well I checked my computer with 5 separate anytime virus, antispyware software.. no problem, clean bill of health
    -Some people say it sounds like a computer, operating system problem. I used 3 different computers with different software, each with different operating systems and got the same problem. It is not the cache, hard disk, Vista, XP problem for sure. I have a new HP high speed computer and it had the same problem that my Dell windows 98, etc., did, and also my high speed Clone XP did too
    -Some people said it was related to windows upgrade, but there has not being any direct proof of that.- Hey I could not even access http://www.acanac.com/support/

    Here is what I know for sure from my last two years of experiences in dealing with Bell..
    -If I make enough noise, somehow next the bell tech fixes the problem for one week at least.. and next it comes back it seems.. someone has asked me if this was deliberate by Bell the return by Bell, and my reply was not they are generally pretentious incompetence.
    -That includes Bell techs who visited my home, Bell support managers I talked to on the phone about 5 different ones, and the many Bell support personal I had talked to only line, by phone, and I had generally followed by email, the results of this action, and copies of them can be found on the web on many sites too. Almost all of Bell tech who came to me did not know how to sue a computer or the software on it, seemed to have very little real computer expertise.. none of them were electrical engineers forma University
    -They all tried to say the same basic useless things to me, connection between the computer and the phone jack, line fitter, line connection, modem inadequate, possible other connections to the phone line. I have one phone, one computer, connected to one phone jack. a simple installation. The home connection is not the issue. also they Bell have also replaced 9 modems in one year so for sure it is not the modem as well.

    Being a past professional engineer, contracts manager too, I have been ready to look into all the possible problem aspects in detail for the last 12 months too.. including management of Bell and it If’s support personnel. It is still very inadequate.
    80 percent of U.S. businesses are overcharged on their phone bills while telecom companies reap profits from the supposedly “accidental” billing errors ”When Alexander Graham Bell placed the first phone call to Thomas Watson, it is doubtful he was considering whether he would be overcharged for the call. Many American businesses have the same attitude, and it’s just easier for them to trust that the phone company is charging the correct amount than scrutinize each item on the bill.. few take the time to have someone look over the bill for errors. The problem comes from the long-standing system phone companies use to track their services and billing. The system is split into two sections: The section that keeps track of what services a customer has, and the section that bills the customers. “It’s quite often the case that there’s faulty entry between the two systems, which results in faulty billing.” “The process itself is inherently faulty,” Billing errors have been occurring since the dawn of telecommunications, and certain phone providers can be almost relied on to make trademark mistakes, because, invariably, those kinds of errors are repetitive; they happen quite often,” It is in the phone companies’ interest to allow these mistakes to be made..some companies, especially the older, more established ones, can give him some bureaucratic static when he is trying to recover his clients’ money. “You can go for weeks and months just trying to get to the right person that you need to talk to, because one person sends you to another person, who sends you to another person,” he said, but that’s not he only obstacle a customer faces. “It’s quite often the case that a vendor will say, ‘Well, it was on your bill. Why haven’t you ever noticed it before?’ Well, the fact is that it should never have been on my bill to begin with.” A consumer may be paying a bill, and if they suddenly see an extra $5 charge, most assume it’s a surcharge and pay the bill without thinking about it. The reality is that the charge could have come from a feature used by anyone in the customer’s area, or data could have been entered into the billing system incorrectly. These small charges add up over the course of service, so recommends keep a close eye on your bill, and not pay for anything you’re not using. Ignorance and complacency are two big obstacles for companies and phone users to overcome before they can save money. Many do not think to check their bill, and few realize just how much money they are giving away over the course of their service. It is a good idea to take the time to look over your bill for mistakes. Just don’t rely on the phone company to do it for you. The overcharging problem is rampant across all aspects of telecommunications ” This also applies now to Bell Sympatico as well as I have clearly detailed often before..

    Just do an internet search of Bell Sympatico, thenonconformer. As simple as that too.

    “If the computer is still having issues connecting to the Internet and the network test passes or repairs the connection, it is possible that the service is down, the Internet connection software that was provided by the ISP is not configured correctly. Call the support phone number for the ISP for help with configuring the settings in Windows and the ISP software. Be sure to provide the ISP with the information from the network diagnostics utility.”

    But they my ISP, BELL AND Acanac SEEM TO take a very very long time to get back to me.. VERY UNLIKE HP.. “If you need further assistance, please reply to this message and we will be happy to assist you further. For information on keeping your HP and Compaq products up and running, please visit our Web site at:

    Comment by thenonconformer — November 12, 2008 @ 6:39 am

  6. \\ see https://anyonecare.wordpress.com/2008/11/03/dealing-effectively-with-computer-viruses/

    The PC World’s and other’s quick fixes for your worst security nightmares that will happen likely if you do nothing about it..

    Follow all of these simple tips to reduce your own Computer vulnerability.

    Hackers tend to exploit known security holes that many users haven’t bothered to patch even by relying on the sad propensity of the millions of computer users who had failed to do things they’ve been told over and over to do,, or done what they have been told not to do.. And you don’t have to be a Computer Guru to avoid these common computer attacks either. Implement a few simple fixes, and for a start you’ll avoid most of the bad stuff out there.

    !: Do get and install adequate computer firewall protection immediately

    2: Did you listen to the so called experts, and Have you wrongfully turned off the automatic updates for Windows and other programs on the rationale that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Dream on in reality tfor the still he unpatched software gives hackers the perfect opportunity to do exploit still your computer by launching a series of probes against your PC in search of just one unpatched vulnerability that a probe can exploit. If it finds one, you really better hope your insteleld, adequate antivirus program catches the ensuing attack. Otherwise you likely won’t even notice anything amiss as it infects your system until it is too late, and your computer slows down, acts funny now instead. Hackers like to find the holes es in seemingly innocuous applications such as QuickTime and WinZip as well as in Windows and Internet Explorer or whatever. So do get and do turn on the automatic update features for any and all software that offers the service–it’s your quickest and easiest option for getting patches.

    3: Fix all of the potentical security Holes now and Get the free software updater http://www.filehippo.com/updatechecker/ at http://www.filehippo.com/

    4: No browser, software completely eliminates the risk of being hacked, damages, but do regualry stay update with the updates ..

    5: Check your downloads at http://www.virustotal.com/ Virustotal is a service that analyzes suspicious files and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware detected by antivirus engines. More information…You can easily upload any file (up to 10MB) to the site and have it scanned by a whopping 35 different antivirus engines, including ones from Kaspersky, McAfee, and Symantec. A report tells you what each engine thought about your file. the lack of warnings doesn’t guarantee a file is safe, but it does give you pretty good odds. Use a good virsu chekcer Virus to check every e-mail attachment and download you’re not 100 percent sure about, and you’ll likleyt avoid hcaker’s induced catshrophes. Do also download the free VirusTotal Uploader. Once you’ve installed the utility, just right-click a file, and you’ll see an option (under Send To) to upload it to the VirusTotal site.

    6: Rescue Your main mail Inbox From Spam. Use as well disposable e-mail addresses. Such an address is something you create every time you encounter an online shopping site, forum, or other service that requires you to enter an e-mail address. If that address gets flooded with spam, you can terminate it.
    That’s a better system than the alternative, creating a multiple of free Web mail such as Gmail , Yahoo Web mail and a good, free service is available from http://www.spamgourmet.com/ a service that’s quick and easy to set up and use; it allows you to create disposable addresses on-the-fly that will forward e-mail messages to your regular address next.

    Fix 7: Develop an Antiphishing Habit The best approach, and the most straightforward, is never to click a link in any e-mail message to access your financial accounts. Instead, always type the URL or use a bookmark. That one habit will protect you from almost every phishing attack.

    Tthe latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera they All have built-in features to block known phishing sites ( Avoid Safari, which lacks
    any built-in antiphishing protection.

    8: Make Your Passwords Secure–And Easy to Remember Use at least both letters and numbers for a start

    9: Do not hesitate to Get Extra Cleaning Help for Stubborn Infections.

    Sometimes even the best antivirus program misses an infection. And once a virus or Trojan horse gets in, removing it can be incredibly tough. If you suspect some nasty got past your defenses, then it’s time to bring in extra help. Many antivirus makers offer free and easy online scans through your Web browser.
    Trend Micro HouseCall: Will detect and remove malware; works with both IE
    and Firefox.
    BitDefender Online Scanner: Detects and removes malware; requires IE.
    Kaspersky Online Scanner: Detects malware, but doesn’t remove it; works with
    IE and Firefox.
    F-Secure Online Virus Scanner: Detects and removes malware; requires IE.
    ESET Online Scanner: Detects and removes malware; requires IE.

    Help yourself by now helping others too, pass this and other security tips to them as well.,

    Comment by thenonconformer — November 12, 2008 @ 6:41 am

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