Missing the point?

May 3, 2008


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“Now here’s a surprise. An Angus Reid Strategies poll shows that only one in four Canadians, or 25 per cent, respect politicians in this country. That’s somewhat of a drop from 1994, when Canadians were last asked this question, and said 61 per cent respected politicians. But seriously, is it really any wonder? Who doesn’t have a problem with how some of our politicians behave, from time to time, at all levels of government? Prime Minister Stephen Harper rules like he has a majority, bullies the opposition at every opportunity and rules his sheep-like MPs with an iron fist. Who remembers electing Harper to do that. The bottom line is that if our politicians want the respect of Canadians, they should behave better. They’re our elected representatives, not a law unto themselves. And their job is to run things, not endlessly snipe at their political enemies. A clearer understanding of what their job is will earn politicians more respect from Canadians.” http://www.thebarrieexaminer.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=1012540

Well this understanding should be also clear to the politicians that their job descriptions is never looking mainly after their own interest, or that of their leader or it’s party, for they are here firstly to be the servants of the people and to look after the good interests, welfare of all Canadians, something that they the politicians too often now have certainly have not been doing. The politicians , parties do not need to collect more donations even to do this job. Cleary just look at the unacceptable long time it had took all of the political parties to make a definite support of the citizens on behalf of the abused Canadians from Bell’s privacy invasion, capping of downloads etc,. or to act next on Behalf of the imprisoned Canadian who had spent 2 years now in a Mexican jail. It is also clearly undeniable that the recons the politicians acted here was clearly due to the prodding of the news media itself too. It takes the news media, the citizens to force the government to act on behalf of the citizens still? Ridiculous, absurd, unacceptable


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