Missing the point?

April 29, 2008


ST. JOHN’S, N.L. – A former health minister says the public would have remained in the dark about errors with breast cancer testing in Newfoundland if a class-action lawsuit hadn’t been filed over the matter. – The inquiry into faulty breast cancer tests was told Wednesday that a group of cancer patients can get their tissue samples retested, but only if they ask – and Eastern Health hasn’t publicly told them they have the option.
In reality now today how many other provinces, municipalities, federal government departments, Ministers, even the Police forces  have now too often done similar bad things  too, they wrongfully now  have false obstructed justice, transparency, accountability and now what is being done that nothing like is is going to happen  again as much as possible anywhere in Canada too?
Public exposure and enforced, real prosecution of the major guilty persons serves as the best solution, deterrent to all of this now still too, even of the bad Civil and public servants, bad professionals,  bad politicians too.

Cancer patients misdiagnosed in Manitoba Canada.com –  WINNIPEG – Seventeen cancer patients in Manitoba may have received the wrong prognosis or treatment, according to the latest findings into mistakes made by a senior pathologist.
Cancer patients missed treatment due to pathologist’s errors Globe and Mail
Cancer patients concerned about potential misdiagnoses CBC.ca




  1. […] Shit disease globeandmail.com: C. difficile exacts heavy toll at Ontario hospital. and in the rest of Canada now too. TORONTO – A deadly outbreak of a highly contagious superbug at an Ontario hospital claimed the lives of one-third of the patients afflicted with the disease, a far greater toll than previously believed. Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital in Burlington announced yesterday that 91 of the 177 patients diagnosed with Clostridium difficult, commonly known as C. difficile, over a 20-month period ending last December died in the institution. It blamed the disease for 62 of the deaths. Only a small number of the province’s 154 hospitals, including Joseph Brant, voluntarily release such statistics. As a result, the public is in the dark about the extent of the problem even though Ontario is believed to have the highest rates of the superbug in Canada, said Michael Gardam, director of infection prevention and control for the University Health Network, who performed the mortality study on patients at Joseph Brant. He said the disease tends to afflict the elderly but also often goes undetected because it is easily misdiagnosed. Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman described the number of deaths as “very, very startling.” He vowed yesterday that the province will make public reporting of such infections mandatory by the end of the year. “We have an obligation for transparency and to apprise people of information that’s important to them, to know what risks are out there,” Mr. Smitherman told reporters. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20080508.wcdifficile08/BNStory/specialScienceandHealth/home  

    AND BY THE END OF THE YEAR THOUSANDS MORE WILL HAVE DIED NEEDLESSLY TOO. unacceptable.. deal WITH IT TODAY!!!  We do not live in the dark ages for shit Diseases is caused by poor cleanliness, poor hygiene, poor sanitation at the Hospital, who have been hiring NOT ONLY LAZY BAD employees but they have FOR AN UNACCEPTABLE  DECADE NOW TOO AND MANY THEY been cutting back on their MAINTENANCE COSTS and this has been NOW CLEARLY LEADING their criminal murderous acts OF THE CITIZENS. Do take ALL OF THE HEALTH MINISTERS KNOW BEFORE A FIRING SQUAD AND SHOOT THEM, for THAT WOULD BE A RIGHT START TOO. https://anyonecare.wordpress.com/2008/04/29/accountability/  […]

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